A Matter of the heart
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A Matter of the heart

A Matter of the heart

The heart is the central organ of the human body and deemed very important to the health of the whole body. In past years, the British Heart Foundation’s motto was “Beat Heartbreak Forever”. In our spiritual life also the heart is significant to our spirituality and wellbeing. 

God created us as spirit, soul and body. The physical heart is the blood pumping station part of you, that gives life to every part of the physical body. 

Taking care of your physical heart is important. The whole body needs a constant supply of nutrition in order to be active and to thrive. We are therefore admonished to take care of the physical heart by diet and exercise. When it comes to these, my caution is balance as anything taken to an extreme becomes unhealthy. 

The second heart is your soul heart which comprises of your mind, will and emotions. “The centre of physical life. The seat of one’s personal life, both physical and spiritual. The centre of one’s personality. The seat of one’s entire mental and moral activity, containing both rational and emotional elements. It is the seat of feelings, desires, joy, pain and love. The human heart is the dwelling place of the Lord and the Holy Spirit.”  These definitions accurately describe the soul heart and its importance to your everyday life. 

The soul heart is where we engage life, for example when you get hurt in a relationship you feel it in your heart. Although it is the soul heart, it feels like your physical heart. Studies show that your brain registers the emotional heartbreak in the same way as physical pain. This is why you may feel like your heart pain is actually physical pain. 

The third heart is the heart of the spirit, this is the real you. It is the place where Jesus came to dwell by His Spirit in your born-again experience. All the three hearts are connected and thrive together. However the world we live in tends to put more emphasis on the physical heart which is the body. 

Although there is so much information on diet, exercise and outwardly appearance, the place you want to pay attention to is your soul heart. Scripture says protect it, look after it and nurture it, whilst renewing your mind to the principles and precepts of the word of God. 

Jesus said, “the words that I speak they are spirit and they are life”. (John 6:63).

Your spirit energizes your heart. Keep your eyes on the word of God continually, as it will bring life and health to your whole being. 

Look after your heart. 

Remember Jesus Loves You and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!



Further Study and Reflection

Proverbs 4:20-23

1 Thessalonians 5:23

1 Peter 3:3-4

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