Teens In Christ – TIC
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Teens In Christ – TIC

Teens In Christ – TIC

Praise Christian Centre is passionate about young people. TIC is a ministry for teenagers aged 13 – 18 years old. Led by an enthusiastic and energetic team of youth workers, TIC encourages young people to deepen their relationship with Christ, develop their knowledge and understanding of the word and explore and utilise their God-given skills and talents.


Weekly Sunday Morning Sessions at 10.00am


During these sessions young people have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics from the viewpoint of biblical teaching. Youth workers draw on examples and illustrations from a contemporary context whilst emphasising the eternal validity of scripture. No subject is off limits and sessions often provoke lively discussion, making TIC a safe place for young people to get Godly advice and guidance.


Open House Sessions – 1st & 2nd Friday of the month at 7.00pm


Open House Nights are another occasion for TIC to get together in a safe and secure environment. They provide TIC with the opportunity to meet up and fellowship informally, allowing them to develop Godly friendships and to see TIC as an environment in which they can be themselves and are always welcomed, embraced and loved


LOUD (Live Out Ur Destiny)


This outreach event is organised and run by TIC. LOUD seeks to reach out to other young people in a language that they can understand, using dance drama, music and more; it highlights key issues that young people face today.